Tekken 4 Cheats
Tekken 4 PC Game Download Full Version with cheats for free is a highly compressed fullypcgames with ISO file. The game have and Android APK and also for PSP,PS3,PS4,Xbox One and Xbox 360. Play online of the game is a multiplayer version of the game like Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The setup of the game for PC must be used ISO loading software. It is the fourth game in the series of the game produced by NAMCO BANADAI. It was released in 2003. The game have amazing characters very excellent graphics as well it is also counted amount the one of the best games in the category of wrestling or fighting game. Its official gameplay have 30 characters while you can unlock more characters by the helps of the cheats given below.


Cheat CodesEffects
In the story mode once you win from Ling Xiaoyu click on her in the menu where characters are selected and press TRIANGLE button.

To unlock Ling Xiaoyu costume customization option.
Spot LEE character in the main menu of the characters selection and PRESS = CIRCLE button.

To Unlock Violet Play Option.
To replace KUMA with PANDA character shape Spot KUMA and PRESS = CIRCLE button.

Unlock PANDA Character.
Finish the story mode to the end by playing it as a CHRISTIE then in the main menu spot CHRISTIE and PRESS = TRIANGLE button.

To Unlock EDDY GORDO Japaneses.
End the story mode of the game by playing the game with XIAOYU then go to the main menu and spot XIAOYU and PRESS = CIRCLE button.

To Unlock MIHARU Japanese.
FR45623423IUT80 For Infinite health

OPR6BQ786301JNTo Freeze Timer for the gameplay round
YLWU6111016T87 To Unlock all the cheats it is a MASTER CHEAT

82444KMEYX804 To Start full life bleed action moves.


  1. Windows ::::: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X.
  2. Processor :::: Intel Core 2 Duo or Higher.
  3. Ram ::::: 1 GB.
  4. Hard Disk :::::: 3 GB.
  5. Sound Card ::::: Direct X 10 Supported.


  1. Download the ISO, EXE, ZIP or RAR file of the game to your PC.
  2. Extract it to a temporary folder.
  3. Double Click on the setup icon of the game.
  4. Choose the folder where you want to install the game.
  5. Create an ISO image of the game Alcohol 100% Software.
  6. Mount the ISO Image to Alcohol 100% OR Alcohol 75% Software.
  7. Click on the file menu and drop down to the LOAD ROM.
  8. Click on the LOAD ROM button and wait for the game to load and enjoy it.


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